Anna Faris Money Net Worth

Anna Faris is such an American treasure, a joyfully funny young talent who has brought a level of happiness into our lives which is irreplaceable.

You really can't put a dollar figure on how valuable this delightfully talented starlet is... you could try, and you'd find her net worth is $14 Million buckaroos, but i still say shes priceless.


Anna Faris Aviator Sunglasses

Anna Faris is known for having a nice sense of style and she often delights the critics with her darling ensembles while gracing the red carpet. But that not the point of this entry.

I was wondering if any of you keen eye observers happen to know the brand and model name of these aviator sunglasses worn by the stunning Anna Faris?

First person who spills the beans gets a high five!

Anna Faris Date of Birth

And just when you thought this Anna Faris fan blog was only about gossip and rumors, we bust out a little fun fact of information and shock the world!

Perhaps an overstatement, but tonight on the menu you have Anna Faris' date of birth.

Her birth date is November 29, 1976. What sign does that make her? Anyone?

Anna Faris Shoe Size

And now for a quick bit of inside information about Anna Faris, her shoe size!

I bet many Anna Faris fans have never even pondered the shoe size of Anna Faris, but then again i bet there are plenty of other fans who will really appreciate this bit of knowledge.

So without further ado, the shoe size of Anna Faris is 8.

Anna Faris Height

LinkReady or not here it comes! Another tidbit of useful/useless Anna Faris fact!

Anna Faris is said to be 5 feet 5 inches tall.

An excellent height for an extraordinary young woman!

Contact me and ask any questions about Anna Faris that you would like answered, and i will try my very best to dig up the information.